Our Vision

"To be known as the strongest self-supported association providing membership-based services in Montana!"

Our Mission

"To provide quality services for member systems to enable them to produce the best product with their available resources!"

Our Tasks

"Provide training and technical assistance to people running systems for: Drinking Water; Waste Water; Solid Waste; Tribal"

We Want to Hear From You! Has an MRWS employee helped your system with a problem? Let our Circuit Riders / Technicians or Specialists know in writing, what they have helped your system accomplish! Have you attended one of our training classes and thought the trainer did an excellent job? Your written statements will help us with funding requests on the State and National level; which means we can continue to provide You and Your System with the same level of On-site Technical Assistance and Training that you have come to expect from Our Organization!

Well if so, we want to hear from you! Take this opportunity to give a "THANKS" or "GREAT JOB" to an MRWS employee. If you would like to show your appreciation for a job well done, please email comments to our office or you can send a letter to: MRWS, Inc. 925 7th Ave. South, Great Falls, MT 59405.

Operators! Please send your email address to MRWS so we can notify you by email. This will help reduce our costs. To sign up please print a copy of this report and mail it to our office.

Operators! You can now track the CEC's that you earn. You can find the link on http://deq.mt.gov/wqinfo/opcert/default.mcpx. Or go direct to the page http://svc.mt.gov/deq/operatorcectotal/.

You can now print copies from our Suppliers Index. Or if you want a specific card, go to the Associate Directory Index, select the card you want and use the "file / print" commands to print that specific card.

The National Rural Water Association is the leader in developing mobile applications for the benefit of system operations specialists, utility managers, engineers, and consumers. Check out the NRWA Mobile Apps page by clicking on the graphic below!

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Rural Water Advisory: Update on Ebola Information for Water and Wastewater Utilities. Download this Word document.

Check out our NEW Wastewater / Septic Tank Handout: “Which includes links on important

Wastewater and Septic Tank issues”

Help NRWA & AWWA Make the LCR Better by Completing Copper Survey: Water utility associations, including NRWA, are currently pressing for relief on the EPA committee negotiating revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (EPA committee). One proposal before the committee would separate copper from the rule and make compliance with the copper standard a function of water chemistry versus in-home testing.

NRWA & AWWA need to know what the impact of such a new rule construct would be in small and rural communities before agreeing to any new proposal. We are hoping for a strong response from small systems from as many states as possible. If there were any portion of the U.S. where groundwater could be identified as “corrosive to copper” it is the upper Midwest. However, water corrosive to copper could easily be an issue elsewhere – we may just lack knowledgeable input from other regions of the country.

The data from this survey is critical in allowing NRWA & AWWA to craft a new rule that is helpful to water utilities. NRWA is hoping for all survey responses to be completed prior to April 2, 2015. Please help us by completing a survey on your groundwater chemistry.

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NRWA’s Rural Water Revolving Loan Fund has helped scores of small water systems to address important operational needs. If you are a small water or wastewater systems in our state and might be interested in applying for an RLF loan, you can check out their ad.

An MRWS Brochure is available. To download a copy select "MRWS Brochure" on the FORMS page.

Surviving the Flood:…. Watch this video and then check out the new link from EPA on our Related Links Tab. Then click on and download, EPA’s Flood Resilience: A Basic Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities!

You can contact the webmaster at WebMaster for MRWS.ORG